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Skin Disorders

Liesel Baker tried Acutouch Therapy to relieve pain from a slipped disk and chronic migraine. When her migraines disappeared within days of treatment, she decided to try the Touch Pointers on her 10-month-old baby David, who had severe eczema on his back. “David’s eczema was better within a week, and completely disappeared after three weeks,” […]

Respiratory system

34-year-old Lucy Jwili has suffered from acute asthma for her whole life. It was kept at bay by excessive use of inhalers and medicine. Regular treatment in hospital was necessary the older she got, until she had an intense attack and had to be hospitalised for longer. Normal treatment didn’t help, and she was treated […]

Neurological disorders

Parkinson’s disease Lorraine Elliot is 73 years old. Diagnosed with postural tremor, she received regular buttock injections. She decided to try Acutouch treatment and stopped the injections on 25 August 2000. She started Acutouch Therapy on 29 August. She had three treatments a day that lasted between 30 and 45 minutes on the points indicated […]


Lupus Hannah Helberg still remembers the day in 1994 when the first red blotches appeared on her skin. She was soon diagnosed with systematic Lupus. This is a disease that attacks the immune system and causes a red swelling also known as “butterfly rush” on the patient’s face, and swelling of the tongue and throat, […]

Metabolic disorders

Diabetes For the past 20 years, Mrs. D. has been suffering from diabetes, which also affected the blood circulation in her legs. Five years ago, she started to lose feeling in her legs. At times they felt lame and she got a needles-and-pins sensation. She read an article on Acutouch Therapy, and started treatment with […]

Genito-urinary system

Kidneystones Kidneystones were a common occurrence for Mrs. H. For years her pain was unbearable. Her painkillers alone cost up to R800 per month, and brought temporarily relief, but did not resolve the problem. Her kidneystones are something of the past. The pain was completely gone within the first week of treatment. Mrs. H. has […]

Gastro-intestinal disorders

Abdominal adhesions Mrs. F. M., a 40-year-old social worker, had sub-acute obstruction secondary to intra-abdominal adhesions following an ovarian cystectomy 15 years ago. No medical or surgical treatment had proved effective, but Genesen Acutouch Therapy aided her to the extent where she now feels relaxed and can have a pain-free night. Mrs. F. M. has […]

Emotional and related diseases

Depression Depression suffererAnsu-Marie van der Waltis looking much better these days! Ansu-Marie van der Walt is a matric pupil that has been diagnosed with major depression. Her parents were beside themselves with worry because of her unstable moods and behaviour. By chance Ansu-Marie and her father visited a physiotherapist who suggested treatment with the Acutouch […]

Ear, Nose and throat

Meniere’s syndrome Hetta Essakow is a 64-year-old housewife who suffered from Meniere’s syndrome for 10 years. “I was permanently dizzy and couldn’t keep my balance.” She tried everything, the one tablet after the other. Eventually she made contact with a physiotherapist and started Acutouch treatment. After the third treatment she experienced relief. Hetta went for […]

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