Metabolic disorders


For the past 20 years, Mrs. D. has been suffering from diabetes, which also affected the blood circulation in her legs. Five years ago, she started to lose feeling in her legs. At times they felt lame and she got a needles-and-pins sensation.

She read an article on Acutouch Therapy, and started treatment with her local physiotherapist. After the first treatment, her toes were much more mobile and the feeling gradually returned. She was very impressed when she could put on her shoes by herself (something she had not done for years) within just three treatments. The desirable pink colour in her legs proves the recovery of the blood circulation, and she hopes to inspire sufferers to try out the therapy. She is amazed at the results.

Mrs. I. was diagnosed with diabetes in early childhood. Treatment with the Acutouch Pointers has aided her in keeping her sugar levels stable. She understands that prolonged treatment would be more beneficial.

Metabolic disorders
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