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A natural bridge between modern and complimentary medicine

An international wave of interest in the complimentary and alternative health field has resulted from widespread public disenchantment with pharmaceuticals and the growing prevalence of conditions to resist expensive conventional treatments. Interest in new healing approaches and alternative technologies have increased exponentially, a fact confirmed by the daily volume of media attention and coverage.

For too long, allopathic and complementary practitioners have worked fretfully against each other, to the ultimate detriment of the patient. Missing until now has been a bridging therapy that combines hard medical science with the natural healing philosophies of the East: a marriage of naturopathy and allopathy in which the patient and practitioner alike can invest their faith.

What is Genesen Acutouch Therapy?

Now available in South Africa, Genesen Acutouch Therapy opens up a new middle ground and is an unprecedented advance in non-invasive natural therapy for home and professional use. It is uniquely effective in the management of relief of pain, chronic conditions and sports injuries, and as a home therapy for over 220 identified ailments and complaints. Genesen Acutouch facilitates and dramatically enhances the body’s capacity to heal itself, and complements any other form of treatment or therapy.

The Genesen Acutouch system consists of two Touch Pointers, designed to channel a combination of natural energies into the body at selected acupuncture points or at the site of local injury, but without penetrating the skin. The system of Acutouch is a combination of elements that work together to produce this unique effect.

Natural energy and Chi
Natural energy in the form of electromagnetic waves are attracted and harnessed by the twin Touch Pointers, through patented sympalenses located at their caps. These lenses are in effect micro-antennae and the hexagonal shape of their circuitry amplifies and accelerates the flow of this energy through the pointers to a minimum depth of 25 mm below the surface of the skin. The sympalense design is based on the independent research conducted by the Japanese physicist Prof Yamata Takao. (This research confirmed the importance of the natural hexagonal shape in capturing atmospheric waves within the electromagnetic spectrum and amplifying their resonance through total internal refraction.) This natural energy is the sole power source employed in the Acutouch Pointers.

This natural energy is also known as Chi, the life force that makes us alive — a concept rooted in oriental medicine and philosophy, which has endured and advanced for over 4000 years. It follows therefore that this life force needs to be replenished by breathing clean air and eating fresh, natural foods, commodities increasingly rare in our polluted world.

Traditional Chinese medicine has contended for millennia that the uninterrupted flow of Chi in the body is essential for the maintenance of balanced health. But modern scientific research has only comparatively recently confirmed that there are 14 major Chi or meridian channels traversing the human body. These channels frequently follow recognized, referred anatomical paths. Any interruption or blockage in the flow of Chi through these meridians results in illness and pain.

The Genesen Acutouch Pointers gather and concentrate Chi through their sympalenses, or antennae, and channel this down through a combination of materials that emit a synergistic stream of far-infrared rays, negative ions (anions), and a powerful magnetic field. This combined flow, or Genesen, restores the natural energy balance of the body and prevents the onset of disease, alleviates pain and accelerates the healing process in the localized area where the Touch Pointers are applied.

Far-infrared rays

In the late 1960s, NASA developed the production of far-infrared rays, with a wavelength between 6 and 14 micrometers, through the use of bio-ceramic materials.

The far-infrared rays stimulate the water molecules in our bodies to resonate in harmony, resulting in heat production. Since water constitutes approximately 70% of human body mass, the application of the two Touch Pointers, which contain these bio-ceramic materials, produces an inevitable response. The resonance of these rays increases the temperature of the deeper tissues beneath the skin, thereby dilating capillaries, improving circulation, increasing metabolism and ATP production, and revitalizing tissue damaged through trauma, infection or other physiological stressors. Thermal imaging equipment has demonstrated a 0.5 degree Celcius rise in temperature at the site of application of the Touch Pointers.

Far-infrared rays are also known to facilitate the production of enzymes and assist in the reduction of free fatty acids and cholesterol, and delay the ageing process of cells.


The United States’ FDA has accepted magnetic therapy as effective and stated that magnets less than 800 Gauss in strength are safe for medical use. The Genesen Touch Pointers have powerful magnets above their tips, which create a focused magnetic field rated at 600 Gauss at the point of contact with the skin, and 800 Gauss with the M 5.2 Professional. The magnetic field penetrating to 40 mm below the skin, helps to remove the cellular waste from the blood vessels, improves the circulation and reduces cholesterol and other toxin levels. No harmful electromagnetic waves are produced.

These magnets act through a scientific principle referred to as “The Hall Effect”, which states that whenever a charged ion passes through a magnetic field, its course is altered. Calcium ions are particularly influenced and tend to be deflected through the semi-permeable membrane of cells, into the body of the cells. This alters the porosity of the membrane, allowing nutrients to enter the cell and break down products of metabolism to be excreted. The alkaline environment produced in the extra-cellular fluid by magnetic fields, in particular at the North Pole, has a proven inhibitory effect on abnormal mitosis. Endorphin release under the influence of magnetic fields has similarly been documented, and it is this mechanism that has been postulated in the ability of the Touch Pointers to assist in pain control and the reduction of hypertension.


The Touch Pointers also contain natural ionic materials, which produce a continuous flow of beneficial negative ions. Ions influence the body’s capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen. The normal balance of anions and cations is disrupted by pollution, hazardous electromagnetic waves, and excessive exercise, sleep deprivation or stress. Anions accelerate the delivery of oxygen to the body’s cells, thus producing clarity of thought and the feeling of well-being. Anions also minimize the intrusion of alpha sleep waves into delta waves. This encourages the replenishing of numerous neuro-transmitters and promotes the regeneration of several tissue types.

Dr. Danaka, a Japanese physiologist, has demonstrated that negative ions induce favourable effects, in that these negative charges are an integral component of protein in blood serum. The presence of extra-cellular negative ions promotes the potential difference across the cellular membrane, thereby optimising the sodium-potassium pump, enhancing the nutrient supply into the cytoplasm and waste elimination from the cell. This effect is promoted and accelerated by the magnetic field of the Touch Pointers.

Unique combination and product lifeUnique combination and product life

The combination of these four principles is unique to Genesen, providing a practical means – in effect equivalent to non-invasive, value-added acupuncture – to restore the body’s energy or Chi balance and bring relief to the diseased or painful area treated. There are no side-effects, and the Acutouch Pointers cannot be over-used.

The Touch Pointers have 24 ct gold plated tips for optimum hygiene, performance and response. The Pointers require no external or artificial power source and rely entirely on an infinite source of natural atmospheric energy. They have no internal moving parts to wear out, and have an anticipated lifespan of 25 years. Genesen Acutouch carries ISO 9002 manufacturing standards approval and has been awarded the European CE Mark, having been classified as a Class 1, Low-Risk Medical Device.

How it Works

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